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Rebound contains a blend of herbs and nature-identical substances that complement each other to promote the relief and healing of canine arthritic conditions.

It contains MSM (methylsulphanolmethane), which is a natural substance that provides significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is also an excellent source of dietary sulphur, which is a mineral that is directly involved in the integrity of cartilage and joint fluid. MSM has also been found to enhance blood circulation.

Glucosamine HCl is an amino-sugar that provides the basic building block of cartilage, and helps to maintain joint fluid. Regular supplementation of Glucosamine has proven in studies to increase joint flexibility and mobility, and to effectively reduce pain levels.

Devil’s claw is a low-growing plant that is native to Southern Africa. The root is used medicinally as a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and its effectiveness has been found to be comparable with that of cortisone and phenylbutazone, but without the unpleasant side effects! It is also an appetite stimulant.

Deep Sea Kelp has been included in the blend because of its ability to cleanse the blood. It is also anti-rheumatic, and contains a wide variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Kelp helps to provide a natural wealth of bio-available nutrients that may be lacking in the limited nutritional variety of commercial dog foods. Honeyvale Herbs’ Deep Sea Kelp has been harvested from the clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean just off the West Coast of South Africa!

Meadowsweet is also anti-inflammatory, being a natural source of aspirin, but has the added benefit of not irritating the gastric lining in any way. In fact, it is so healing on the gastric system that it is regarded as a specific for gastric ulcers! Meadowsweet is THE “herbal aspirin”, only so much better, as it is also a natural antacid!

Gingko has a profound effect on the circulatory system. Gingko dilates blood vessels and has an anticoagulant effect on the blood. By improving circulation, it helps to ensure that the extremities receive an increased blood supply, which will help to regularly supply the joints with necessary nutrients, as well as carrying away any fluid build-up in the area, thus further helping to prevent any stiffness in the joints.

Gotu kola is a specific for arthritis, and also helps to support the circulatory system. It is anti-inflammatory as well as a mild diuretic. It has been used to promote healing and reconstruction of connective tissue in the joints.

All in all, Rebound conveniently provides a completely holistic approach to the herbal and nutritional treatment of canine arthritis.  It is safe to feed to dogs over the age of 6 weeks at recommended dosages. However, please note that Rebound is NOT recommended for pregnant bitches, as some of the herbal ingredients may have uterine stimulant properties! It is recommended that these herbs be withheld from use on pregnant animals until further studies are conducted to provide more conclusive information in this regard.

Text by: Jennie van der Byl



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