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I have some feedback – we started giving a 14 year old boerboel that had tumors cut out – the anti tumour blend and she has healed super-fast and is even picking up weight as well as looking better than ever J.

Handri - Namibia - April 2016

So, all is well on the home front with Nightwish (severe recurring colic history).  He has been on his herbs as prescribed and I have just recently stopped the Ulcer ease, blood tonic and I’ve put him on Digest Ease.... 
As you can see from below he is looking fat and healthy, which I’m truly grateful for.

Mandy Jones - Gauteng - April 2016


My 13 year old Border collie is currently on the rebound mix and is a different dog since she has started on these herbs.

Mandy Jones - Gauteng - January 2016 

A while back, you recommended your Liver and Blood Tonic for my daughter's pony, Storm.  After taking his course of herbs, we have never seen him look better!  And his sarcoids have dropped off!  I am so grateful for your help and taking time to speak to me on the phone and make your recommendations.  You have made my daughter and myself very happy, when we look at our healthy, happy boy!  Thank you! 

Karen Leigh - WC - October 2015

I'm seeking some further advise for another horse in my yard.  The horse we have put onto Flex- Ease, and Bone & Tendon Repair is doing very well, and has improved with elasticity in the joints :-)

Rosanne Torr - August 2015

I contacted you regarding my horse Fairford in March. He was the one that had pneumonia. 

I am happy to report that he has made a remarkable recovery in a very short space of time. I truly believe that with the help of the herbs you recommended (Immu-Boost and Liver & Blood Tonic) , he recovered a lot faster than we expected. He in fact, told(actually showed me in a series of bucks and squeals in hand !) that he was ready for work. 

He has been back in full work since mid April. Fairford is a 15 year old(will be 16 in Nov) thoroughbred gelding.

Nicole Robertson - WC - July 2015

My daughter’s horse injured himself during the first week of December – he reared in the paddock and came down on his front hoof taking a R5 coin size out of his hoof just below the coffin joint! The hard outer shell was completely gone and the soft tissue was oozing out! You must see the pic! Yuk! The vet initially said 3 months out of action! He was on box rest for a week and then hand walking. I doubled up the hoof grow supplement and kept up the garlic/brewers yeast and 4 weeks on his hoof was completely healed and he was back in work – by 5 weeks he was jumping again and this weekend he is doing his first 1.20m show of the season! No-one has to tell me the benefits of these herbs! I have seen them work! (My daughter ended up winning the 1.20m class on Medicine Man out of 25 entries so it was a good weekend!)

Charlene Inggs - KZN - January 2015

Before & After
I thought I would send you this photo of my 29 year old Thoroughbred Pentachord (pet name Woody).

He has been on Honeyvale Herbs Geriatric and Digest Ease for the past 6 or so months. Look how he looks!! He is as fit as a fiddle - hacks out 2 or 3 times a week and was at Horse of the Year Show in the Veterans' Class.

He has definitely picked up condition and appetite since being on Honeyvale Herbs. I buy my supply from Midfeeds.

Thank you for your products!

Mary Glyn - Gauteng - February 2014

Honey Dragon a beautiful TB filly owned by Monique Novello was brought back to Monique's farm here in Langebaan from the racing stables as she wasn't doing well, not eating, lost condition and a lot of weight.

Monique contacted me in April last year re " Honeyvale Herbs" and we put "Honey" on "Ulcer-Ease" after being diagnosed with "ulcers". Honey went from strength to strength and started getting this "glossy" coat and from hardly eating at all to just loving her food (specially with the herbs added) :)!

End of last year "Honey Dragon" returned to the racing stables where she is doing extremely well and still on her herbs :).

I have attached two photos of "Honey" winning her race on saturday!!!!!!!!!!

Bianca - Langebaan - February 2014

Honey Dragon

I have only good things to say about Honeyvale Herbs! On my shopping list every month. Jester was on the farm for a few years and didn't do very well there. Since he came back, I've had him on the Vitality Mix and even though he is a Flea Bitten Grey, he's coat is shining like I've never seen before. We've been struggling with cancer for about 9 years now, he had an operation last year and I've been feeding him the Anti - Tumour Spice Blend, and Jester is cancer free for some time now. I feed this to him religiously and I'm more than happy with the outcome. Thanks to Honeyvale, I now spend a lot less in Vet bills and my horse is a lot happier.  

In this photo he is being ridden by a Junior rider from Namibia and she very much enjoys his new found energy 

Handri - Namibia - February 2014

“Dear Honeyvale Herbs, I would like to thank you for your great products. Teddy, my  10 year old, 3 legged bull terrier has been on Rebound for a while now which has made a huge difference as she used to take strain during winter. Recently she stared with huge sores on her nose and almost her entire nose went white ( its black). I took her to the vet and was told she had cancer and I could only expect her to live another 6 months. I immediately got her onto your Anti-Tumour Spice blend and within a month her sores had all cleared up and her nose is completely black again. I will definitely be keeping her on her Anti tumour herbs and definitely don’t think I will have to say good bye to her any time soon!”

Sabrina - Western Cape - April 2014

I have used Honeyvale Herb products for the past 3 years and have noticed such a difference in my horse’s condition and behaviour. My current horse used to be very hot and had behavioural problems but since I put him on brewer’s yeast, I now have a lovely calm and level headed ride.  I also have him on rosehips and not one show goes past without someone commenting on how shiny his coat is.  These two products, I keep my horse on continuously.  I have also used fenugreek when he had become malnourished due to an incompetent stable yard and he needed something to help relieve the stress in his gut. 
My previous horse had feet so terrible that my farrier was on speed dial, however once I put her on hoof grow, the condition of her feet changed so drastically that my farrier remarked that it looked like my horse had had a hoof transplant!
I realise you probably receive many letters like this one, but I cannot tell you what a difference Honeyvale Herb products have made in my horse’s life.  I hope to continue to achieve success in the show ring whilst using your products as they really do work.

Kind regards and many thanks,

Ché de Haaf, September 2013 - Brewer's Yeast, Rosehips and Hoof Grow

I have some great news, my horse is doing great!  He is looking fantastic, he has picked up allot of his weight and has all his energy back.  He still needs to build his top line muscles and so on, but other than that he is a healthy horse again.

Zanelle Naude, Namibia, August 2013 - Gastric Ulcer Relief, Brewer's Yeast and Digest'Ease

We have had so much success with your Gastric Ulcer herbal remedy that I wanted to say thank you. Our livery horse, Empowerment, came off the track as a 6 year old very successful racehorse. His stable manners were unpleasant as he was keen to bite, even over his stable door, he was always ‘tucked up’, would not put on weight andcould not stride out in walk and trot.  We were concerned at his stilted paces and  he was treated by Ruth Townsend and Lesley Prest but needed more.It was suggested he may have an ulcer and his owner, Talana Rapp, on advise, put him on your product for 3 months.Within 14 days there was a definite difference in his general demeanour, his coat started to shine, he put on weight and started to show his real paces.  He was happy. Subsequently to that my mother’s driving pony, Gold Dust, who windsucks, was ill with ’çhoke’.  Once he recovered he was struggling to regain his weight,  his shiny coat and he also became less co-operative.   His windsucking time increased phenomenally.  The vet suggested he had an ulcer and my mum called me from Knysna to discuss her options.  I told her of our success and she ordered a 3 month supply for him. She says that within about 10 days she noticed he was windsucking far less, seemed to be happier and his coat started to shine again. His weight has picked up and she is very pleased with the result of the product.

I have a thoroughbred mare of 11 years in livery who came to us in poorer condition due to living on the veld and having had a foal.  She muscled up nicely and put on good condition but she seems sensitive to her owner’s stresses and benefits hugely on your Yard Mix. 

Thank you!

Yvonna Hertog, Western Cape, July 2011 - Gastric Ulcer Relief and Yard Mix

Empowerment - Before & After
I thought I'd let you know that Jerry is doing well, looking the best he ever has in the 4 years I've had him and his happy and bloat free. Melissa Knox

East London - May 2013 (Digest'Ease and Brewer's Yeast)
Jerry & Melissa

Thought I'll just give you some feedback - Bella my pony, showed a marked improvement after only seven days on the COPD mix!

Nicky - Northern Cape - May 2013

Moonie the orphan foal you helped me save is raising 3years now and looks as healthy, big and well as any other horse at her age!! You wouldn´t couldn´t tell she was an orphan foal. I still believe that she wouldn´t have survived if it wasn´t for your help with the slippery elm bark!!!!! :-) .............Finally i managed to go and see (her) - now 3years old and looking amazing. Not a single bit like an orphan. Big strong and healthy and even well mannered. Not nippy just loving human company!! So happy for her...

Janna Strehlau - Western Cape - March 2013 (Slippery Elm and Meadowsweet for sand-eating foal with chronic diarrhoea)

I need to thank you for Solitaire. You healed my horse, and he is so happy and doing great. I am so thankful for you help and advice. 

Lizelle Strydom - Worcester- February 2013 ( Gastric Ulcer Relief)

I'm currently based in Zambia and have used your Hoof Grown before on my older TB when we were in Cape Town and absolutely loved it - not only did his hoof health improve but so did his overall condition.When we moved to Zambia he was based in Zimbabwe for about 6 months and i still had some herbs left over - no one could believe how good he looked in comparison to the other horses, all because of the herbs.

Nicole Nel - Zambia - February 2013

"Have used your products ... and they ROCK !!!!"

Toni de Lange - Gauteng - February 2013

"I have Leliefontein Kennels in Paarl and all the horses living here are on Honeyvale Herbs. The riding horses are on Hoof Grow and the old guy is on Reflex. Both amazing products!"

Denise Fourie - Paarl - January 2013

"My warmblood mare on the geriatric support and looking fantastic and my daughters 3year old friesian filly on the vitality mix and looking fantastic! thanks alot for a wonderful affordable product that works!"

Connie Fick Lourens - January 2013

As you can see from the attached picture, Star is all but clean :-) and the runny tummy seems to have finally abated. I am ever so pleased and must thank you most warmly for providing the right medication.

Miriam Goodwin - Western Cape - January 2013 (Chronic Diarrhoea Blend)

Thank you for your email! Bob is doing great! He is such a fussy eater and I honestly didn’t think he would eat it, but have no problem gobbling it up! No runny nose so far, holding thumbs it stays that way!

Letitia Dimond ( Durbanville) -  September 2012   (Sinus Infection Blend)

Just thought you would be interested: vet very happy with the way callous has formed on Ice Show's fracture. My horse is happy, looking fantastic and is pain free. I'm keeping him on his current supplements (Bone and Tendon Repair) because I believe Honeyvale played a huge role in the healing process. Thank you for your wonderful 'muti'.

Liezl Henrich – Western Province – September 2012

Just to give you some feedback. I have been using the Digest’Ease for about a month now and it seems to be keeping the colic at bay which is quite an achievement in this soggy weather. The boys are loving the taste. I have taken all 3 tubs that you sent to Equifeeds and have asked them to order me 2 tubs this week for the next month.

Sonja Stevens (Durbanville) – August 2012

We bought the Sarcoid mix from you for my horse who had one on his mouth. They wanted to operate and remove it but my mom saw that herbs could help so we gave it a try - his wart fell off and we stopped the herbs but still had a bump and that fell off as well and now there just little scars left from where they fell off, but it completely flat and his hair has grown back. It really is amazing - I took before and after pictures so you can see the results!

Jessica Hirst – Western Province – August 2012


I just wanted to let you know that your herbs are AMAZING! Our Doberman is simply glowing with health. My parents have their severely arthritic Lab on your Arthritis Relief herbs and she now has a new lease on life and is like a different dog! Her coat is black and shiny again and she can run! I would like to supplement my 5 year old Boerperd/Anglo Arab mare with your herbs too.

Lisa Campbell – Western Province – August 2012

I have had my young Appaloosa Sport Horse on Digest' Ease for the past 9 months. Our yard has been struggling with sand colics since April and to date every horse in the yard has suffered from some degree of sand colic expect my horse, the only difference being that he has been on the Digest’ Ease and the others haven’t. Since we worked that out, most owners in our yard have put their horses on Digest' Ease and the number of colics have been greatly reduced. Not only does it seem to keep the colics at bay, but his scouring (which he has had on and off since a yearling) has disappeared. My horse is looking fantastic and loves his herbs.

Megan (Dassenberg) – August 2012

Very excited that my horse Chinook is healed and back in action. It’s only been 6 months which is much better than anticipated thanks to Honeyvale Herbs Bone and Tendon Repair!

Marjorie Smith - Morningstar – August 2012

Don’t know if you remember me, we got that Warmblood mare that had OCD ....I used your herbs for 4 years ...and had a thermography x-ray done a month ago and they could not believe how clean she is ....she is now 7, no clicking of joints at all .....Thanks to your wonderful herbs!

Sharon Armour – Plettenberg Bay – July 2012

The dogs are all doing well on the raw food diet, I have finally worked out a recipe that they all love and breakfast/dinner is met with big smiles and wagging tails! They are looking fantastic and the HealthGuard herbs are certainly making ‘US’ look good as dog owners, their coats are exquisite!

Anke Bothma – Western Province – June 2012

I would like to order the same herbal combination (Calming Blend for Dogs). I really think it has made a difference and our Agility results are showing it.

Noela Huysamen – Western Province – May 2012

Good afternoon!!! I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, two months ago I became the proud Mom of a 3.5 year old Arab x Appaloosa, she has been kept just at field the whole winter and in my opinion looked dreadful she was also very nervous and jumpy, I immediately bought your Vitality Mix and well 2 months later let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves!!! – Every horse deserves to be on Honeyvale Herbs !!!!

Rene Human – Mpumulanga – December 2011

Rene Human - Before & After

Much thanks for a wonderful product (Anti-tumour Spice Blend), already Sabre is feeling better and it’s not even 5 days yet. He was acting like a puppy yesterday. Full of the joys of spring. I haven’t seen him like this for a long time.

Camille Downs – KZN – November 2011

I’m not sure if you remember me – not so very long ago you made a special herb mix for my baby warmblood Pantomime who had a severe tendon injury. I am so happy to report back that he made a miracle recovery – I’m sure due to a combination of all the therapies and rest and prayers and supplements, and he is now starting is jumping career in earnest! Here are a few pics if you want to share his story – his vet is so impressed with him that she is writing a case study on him. 

Christelle Hicklin – May 2010 - Gauteng

Christelle Hicklin

Well I have to tell you that my sheppie girl has a new lease  on life !!!!!  I am only giving her 1 heaped measure of the rebound per day and she is like a puppy again – playing with the others and not eina when she gets up etc.... THANKYOU !!!!! 

Sharon van Rensburg (Gauteng) - June 2011

I just wanted to write you a thank you note in regards to all your help  and wanted to give you an update.  The horses have been on your  supplements for almost a month and a half.  I had been away on leave and  was very happily surprised to see an improvement in the horse's muscles. The horse with the allergy and rubbing problem that we've put on the skin itch and the blood liver tonic has picked up a lot of weight (which have always been a bit of an issue for him).  He is still rubbing however, but not as much as he used to. Thanks so much.

Almeri Etsebeth - Northern Cape - May 2011

I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly pleased with the rosehips you reccomended to get my Friesian black again.  I started giving him 40g daily in mid January 2011, and almost to the day 3 months later, I had a black horse again!  His coat looks great, his dapples are even starting to reappear! Thanks so much.

Anne-Marie Karsten - April 2011

I had a serious sarcoid problem on my polo pony Splash,  we had tried chemical and surgical options to no avail, and then I came across your site and your fantastic herbs. We put her on your special sarcoid blend for 9 months and it cleared up completely, even though the vet was sure it would pop straight back after the initial surgery (the tissue under the sarcoid was affected). So far it has been a year and a half, and no sign of it reforming- so thank you for your incredible solution, I've been telling everyone about Honeyvale.

Jessica Henrich (Franschhoek) - January 2011

I have been treating my horse with liver and blood tonic. He is a rescue case and researching his history I found that he had suffered a viral infection which displayed biliary like symptoms. Although this happened a couple of years ago I put him on the liver and blood tonic and within two weeks I could see a difference in his appetite and overall wellbeing. I now have added Fenushine to the mix and can't wait to see the results. Thank you for your assitance and I truly appreciate your kind advice.

Vanessa (KZN Midlands) - November 2010

Thank you for your advice. I got my horse the three supplements (Gastric Ulcer Relief, Fenu'Shine and Brewer's Yeast), and she is looking gorgeous. She has picked up quite a bit of weight, and her coat is looking lovely.

Vanessa Crease (Cape Town) - August 2010

...The ringbone bumps are massively reduced on the left fore and entirely gone on the right fore. We’re expecting that the left fore will normalise now, too, especially with Balfour doing some ‘work’, gentle as it will be for the next five or six months or so.So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your advice and herbs over these past two years have been a fundamental component of his recovery. I am incredibly grateful to you.

Moira Tuck (East London)  - August 2009

I have recently put my mare onto your "Fenu'shine Show Conditioner" and am so impressed with the results!

Elizabeth Edwards (Knysna) - March 2010

Even though Jerry only started with the Brewer's Yeast and Fenu'Shine about 18 Feb 2010, in just two months I can see such a difference in his condition! And so I attached a photo to show you!

The first pic was October 2009. (after three horrid health months for both of us) The second pic was Feb 2010. One can see an improvement in his condition......(was on brewers for two months only: September and October 2009). The third pic was taken on Sunday. What a big improvement in only two months! I cannot wait to see how stunning he's going to be in another two
months time!!!!

I did not increase his food or anything, he simply just started with your
herbs; and with my arm being well now, picked up on his riding.

Thank you Honeyvale Herbs!

Melissa Knox (East London) - April 2010

Jerry - 7 Oct 2009
Jerry - 4 Feb 2010
Jerry - 18 Apr 2010

In (I think) January I began using hoof grow for my horse. What an exellant product, it even impressed our farrier, so much so that 2 months ago he didn't put shoes on my horse (as an experiment). When he came last week he was even more impressed, because there was just normal chipping of Vlam's hoof's and not the severe breaking away as before.

Alida Strydom (Pretoria) - May 2010

I started my girl on the fenu'shine and brewer's yeast about 2 weeks ago and can already start seeing a difference!  Thank you so much for all your help and assistance!  Your products are fantastic!

Louise Alberts (Pretoria) - July 2010

I must just tell you that she is a different horse since she has been on the hormone ease. Last week she was a brat and yesterday I hada lesson with Rose and the grooms were transplanting tree's so we had green monsters walking around and she didn't even flinch. Most of the horses in the paddocks were running around like nutcases and she was so quiet! Lesley Prest came to check her saddle out and also commented on how laid back she was. I am really amazed at how quickly it worked on her.Thanks for your great products!
Emma, my lab is going to be 14 and 9 months old tomorrow and is bouncing around like a spring chicken! She is a real advertisement for your products. They both are!

Theresa Perotti (Durbanville) - August 2010

January 2010  - Wow Jennie... i still can't believe it and think it can't be true or might change... but the fact is that i gave our (orphan) filly the Slippery Elm powder in her milk this morning...SHE DID'T EAT SAND !!!!! I watched her for an hour and she went around,sniffed at things and had her nose right on the sand BUT did't eat mouth full like she use to!!! She normally went straight out and to the sand,we tried different fields before but even then she just diggs down and bites out the grass to get to the sand!! Now she is sooo much more relaxed and ABSOLUTLY not mad about getting the sand. Her pooh is now pretty good for 3 weeks now. She is a beautifull foal. My 3 month worry and work ;-)

February 2010 - Our Foal is now living outside 24/7 with her friends and she is looking very well. She is less and less interested in her milk and eats less of her concentrait food but she is looking really well and healthy. Skin looks much better, she is just really happy and finally a young Filly. Wow i must tell you you really really good!! how many years do you do this already?? You helped us a LOOOOT and aspecially Moonie !! ;-) Thank you sooooo much !!!!

Janna Strehlau (Franschoek) - 2010

Moonie Moonie  

Thank you very much! The fenushine really works well...even our vet commented that our yard have the best looking coats ever!

Max Steenkamp (Gauteng) - December 2009

I need to order more Moody Mare from you,I can't tell you the difference it has made to both our mares - FANTASTIC.

Andrea Seele (Gauteng) - December 2009

I've been using your Fenu-shine product for about 3 months now and I'm seeing great results- my horse's coat is soft and silky and as shiny as a grey can be!Thanks for a great product!

Megan Gilson (Gauteng) - December 2009

Just thought thatI would let you know that Impy is doing very well on his herbs. I have convinced most of the people in our yard to give them a try and so far they are all happy. Even the vet that stables with us has comment how well Impy is looking, and told me that he is suggesting your herbs to some of his clients.

Helen Ridout (East London) - November 2009

Our horses are on your Fenu’shine and Vitality … 1 and a bit months later you cannot believe the improvement. Even on fizzy days they’re manageable (barring extenuating circumstances). They’re looking fat (and by that I don’t mean obese), they’re looking healthy, shiny and happy. I won’t be going without supplements for the old boys again. Thank you for your work in this little market – it’s greatly appreciated (by the horses too I’m sure!)

Chloë Smedy (Western Province) - November 2009

Thought I would let you know that your ulcer herbs have worked magic!!!! Jayne a  trimmer from the UK came out to see Bazooka the other day.  She was extremely worried when she saw how bloated he was (I had noticed but was procrastinating because I had no idea what it might be). Jayne had an idea it might be ulcers and suggested the ulcer herbs from you. I am not sure that herbs can work this fast??????… it’s too odd to be coincidence though but I am half way through my tub of herbs and Bazooka has literally halved in size!!!  His tummy has totally deflated… it needs to go down a bit more but what a relief.  I have been so worried! Thanks a ton!!! I wish I had a before and after photo.

Lisa Toms (Western Province) - August 2009

I ordered some herbs from you a while ago (rosehip and vitality mix) and I am seeing a wonderful difference in my 24 year old Boerperd, he is really flexible and supple. I was struggling with stiffness and swelling in his joints and now he is much better. I would like to order again please.

Serena (Pretoria) - July 2009

Jennie, my horses have started to show a much better coat now that they have been on your herbs for a couple of weeks. Both are looking so much better which I am delighted to see. Thank you so much...these herbs are amazing!

Rowena Wheeldon (Cape Town) - June 2009

I am an animal chiro and love your products. Please can you email me a price list and all your products and what they arefor as a quick reference for patients. Thanks.

Michele Broadhurst (Cape Town) - June 2009

Well things this side are going well. I can’t remember when I first ordered your custom mix, but I haven’t had another incident with my young horse since I started feeding the herbs. Wonderful don’t you think!!!!

Shayne Treisman (Gauteng) - June 2009


I can't believe the difference this has made to my german shepherd bitch who broke her leg which required a pin and wires two years ago. She started limping badly and the vet removed the pin and two of the four wires, this only helped a bit and the limp was especially bad at night.  I had her on an arthritis supp but there was only a slight improvement.  She has been on rebound for seven months and has not limped for about four months, even now with the cold weather!!

Andrea Seele (Gauteng) - June 2009

I thought that I would send you a picture of Impy, as he has now been on your  Brewer's yeast, Hoof grow, Milk Thistle and Devils Claw for a month and a half, and I have seen an improvement in his muscle tone / development on his hindquater.

Helen (EC) - May 2009

Impy before Impy after  
Impy before
Impy after

When can you send the parcel? My dogs are desperate. My Peke, who is 11 years old just responded so well to the Rebound and Health Guard - she was jumping on the chair like it was easy peasy and she even made it onto my new bed a few times! Now she can't get on the chair again.

Jocelyn (KZN) - April 2009

Thanks for sorting out the Ulcer treatment for Azraff - he is looking much better. I'm really glad that Christelle has been using your herbs and her other horse looks soooooooo different now he is on the herbs! Wow, I can't believe it is the same horse. He looks great and all that water retention and cresty neck have gone.

Tamasine (WP) - April 2009

The Brewers Yeast and Fenu'shine combination is working great. The monster is starting to look like a horse. But I am sure he getting taller. My hopes of 16h is gone. Thanks again for all the great products.

Samantha Miles (WP) - February 2009

Currently my mare is on Serenity Karma and it is working wonders, she is a arab x and has recently been backed i got it for her just to calm her down, i am very happy with how calm i finally have her - she is focusing and enjoying the riding.

Rene Human (Mpumulanga) - January 2009

(Hoof Grow): My horses feet are looking AMAZING!! Thanks a mill!

Merri Spratley (WP) - January 2009

The horses at the "retirement village" are all doing well on the Honeyvale - the ones that are on it.  My horse (Damascus - the one that goes yellow when spring starts) looks like his old self again - a proper bay and I'm sooooo happy!

Rochelle Strauss (WP) - January 2009

Hi Jennie,

I would just like to thank you for providing such a wonderful range of products. I have a 17 year old horse who has been alternated on Vitality Mix and Fenu'Shine with awesome results. At his age,  my 15hh Sidi, made the 2008 Dressage Team and in all honesty looks about 6 years younger than he really is!

Natasha Rachwal, WP - December 2008

Sidi Sidi Sidi

I have two horses on our Fenu'shine at the moment (both fat and shiny - it is amazing stuff - one has been on it since having colic surgery a year ago and looks amazing - I think it has helped her gastric ulcers too).

Angela McIntyre - Pretoria - December 2008

We've been using a number of your herbs with great success, and would like to order more a.s.a.p.!

Yvonne Recrosio (WP)- November 2008

I have to tell you that since I was advised to use the Calendula petals, sea kelp, rosehip and devils claw on rescued horses that were in a shocking state, I have been blown away by the condition of the horses.  It has taken a few months, but suddenly all came together, and they are beautiful.  I was given quite a few raised eyebrows at my "silliness" for thinking that herbs could make such a difference, guess the horses had the last laugh!

Karen (KZN) - October 2008

Hi Jennie

Hope you are well - just an update my horse is looking fantastic and loosing his winter coat and just looking like he is glowing - also gone a coppery liver chestnut!

My horses hooves have never lasted so long even though he has only been on it a month I think all the other herbs he has been on along the way have definately played a part - he has no great chunks missing or cracks. Im really impressed! Thanks for everything.

Nancy Schroding (EC) - October 2008

Dear Jennie

Just to let you know the Calming Blend really did the trick. We only have one justified spook every now and then, he hacks out perfectly happily and is jumping like a superstar - even over 'funny stuff'. By the way - you were quite right about the food. He is down to 3kg a day and still as fat as a pig, if he wasn't in the middle of the season I would probably cut it more! Not bad for a TB. I am so pleased that it was something that only needed 1 month to sort out, quite incredible.

Nina Swart, KZN, September 2008

My pony on reflex has done so so amazingly well this winter.  The farrier can't believe how healthy his hooves are.  He has been in no pain all winter. I give him a combination of the reflex and the hoof grow. My other 2 horses have been on Hoof Grow for 4 months.  They do not have shoes and are doing wonderfully on outrides! Thanks for an amazing product!!! I tell every one about it.

Denise, Paarl, September 2008

Hi Folks

I would like to commend you on your outstanding range of products. My TB gelding has been off the track for 9 months now and I have had him on Rosehips and Vitality mix since I bought him. The results from these 2 products are phenomenal!! We took off the racing plates and he has gone barefoot successfully. The hoof growth is amazing and he didnt even get colic after changing him from 16 % to 10 %!! He is looking gorgeous, shiny and healthy. Thanks, Honeyvale!

Lara, Western Cape, July 2008

Morning Jennie!

Just a quick show report as promised :) In two words: absolutely fabulous! Seriously, Tammy was a superstar.

We warmed up very calmly and obediently and did two very nice tests. It wasnt perfect but all of her usual little evasions were very muted and easily corrected. I actually had FUN!to say I'm thrilled is an understatement! Thank you again for Serenity Karma - a wonderful product!

Anine Swart, June 2008

I am just loving my Fenushine so much, my mare looks fabulous. I went to a show the other day and people commented the whole show about how wonderful her coat looked!

Rosemary, Free State, May 2008


Hi Jennie - I've attached below a pic of what Pal looked like when he got here, and how he is now. He came here to die (Vet's advice, put him down) well this 23 year old is a happy little horse not about to die anytime soon.  He was on your herbs from the day he got here and I am convinced this helped build up his system again:

Pal before  

Also, I struggled for 12 months with Mac's very bad hoof horn quality and, in spite of feeding all the highly recommended hoof supplements, I felt I was getting nowhere.  But since feeding herbs, his hooves and all-round health have improved beyond expectation. What I am actually trying to say is that the horses have that "bloom" of health you can't really describe. This horse who had always needed shoes now goes barefoot with hardly a crack or chip between farrier visits. Mac's previous owner came to see him the other day (since 2002) and stood in awe and said, "He's beautiful".  I felt like saying, well he always was but now he looks at you with bright eyes, head up and feeling like a million dollars, and it all shows, the horses are also so tranquil and content.

– Michele Lennard, Aug 2007, EC

Michele's other horses Guy and Mac:    

Fenu’shine and Vitality Mix:

All our horses are on Vitality Mix and all look great. Fenu’shine is also such an amazing product, since my horse has been on it I can see my face on his bottom he is so shiny! Many thanx – Helene @ Nova Zonnestraal Estate- September 2007, WP

Calming Herbs, Serenity Karma and Vitality Mix:

I have tried just about every “calming” remedy available without much success. However, the Chamomile and Brewer’s Yeast together are wonderfully calming and all natural. I have used many other products Honeyvale Herbs produces and have always been impressed. – Julie de Nicola, September 2007, WP

I am very impressed with Honeyvale Herbs’ products especially Serenity Karma and Vitality Mix. My horses look amazing. Well done on a wonderful range! – Charmaine Frew, September 2007


I have a large 42kg, 10-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback called Freddy who suffers from arthritis. Three years ago my vet recommended an operation, but I wasn’t keen to go that route, so decided to try the herbs instead. It certainly has made a noticeable difference, as if I do stop using them Freddy’s limp returns. For most of the year he only needs a reduced dosage, but during the colder winter months I increase it again slightly in order to maintain his comfort level. I am very happy with the results I’ve seen from Rebound, and will certainly continue to use it! Diana Cattell – Aug 2007, KZN

Just thought you would like some feedback with regard to the Rebound which I started feeding to my 14 year old Staffie “Bullitt” about a month ago. He is now able to jump into my bakkie when he goes for a walk with his other three girls where he walks the full perimeter of a large park each evening. He runs from one end of our property to the other to chase the refuse collection truck on their weekly route, as well as the postman each day. Had I not seen the difference that these herbs have made to this aged gentleman, I would not have believed it possible. I can only say thank-you on his behalf, and that I will definitely be coming back for a refill when that bucket is finished.
Another interesting fact is that he has never had any trouble with eating the herbs with his supper. I can only presume that they taste as good as they smell!
Thanks once again – Karen Nisbet, May 2006, WP

Hoof Grow and Reflex:

Hi Jennie - I just wanted to let you know how fantastically well Tristan is doing on the Reflex. I rode him for the first time in ages last weekend, and he is better than he has been for the last two years. I cannot believe the difference in his stride and soundness – even on the really hard roads we have because we still have no rain. For the last two years he has been pretty much unrideable in winter because he has just felt the ground too much. He has also put on heaps of weight, I can only assume it is because he is no longer in as much ‘pain’ as I have not changed his diet at all. In fact, I have had to cut down his concentrate! (And we still have no grass to speak of because of the veld fire and lack of rain!) Thanks for a fantastic product! – Sasha Mason, Oct 2005, Gauteng

Hi Jennie – Firstly, the Hoof Grow is still working tops and even my Farrier is very happy. Now to the Reflex, it has also worked tops - whatever is in that product it has also helped with my mare which is now letting my daughter work her without fighting. Please can I get another bucket. – Alan Munro, Aug 2007, Gauteng

Liver and Blood Tonic and Skin Itch Relief:

I have been using Honeyvale Herbs Skin Itch Relief and the Liver and Blood Tonic for my young dressage horse, and have been absolutely delighted with the results! He has sweet itch, and I tried cortisone injections and everything else on the market for it, but nothing worked. Now, after only 4 weeks, for the first time ever since I've had him, my horse has stopped rubbing and has already grown a mane! I have already told all my friends about how well he’s doing on your products. Thank-you very much! - Lesley Ann Lea, Aug 2007, WP

Just wanted to say thank-you for recommending and sending down the Liver and Blood Tonic. It certainly seems to be doing its job. Nella is looking fantastic, the yellowish colour is already disappearing and her coat has has got a wonderful shine to it. She just generally seems perkier, so I am very happy to see her looking healthier. – Bianca Said, March 2007, WP

After being away for 2 weeks I returned home to find my mare was off her food and had a temp of 41,4 C. When the vet came she treated her for Billiary and
pronounced her colour "awful. A blood sample was taken and sent for analysis the following Monday -- the results were very sobering -- a red blood count of only 15 when it should be in the 35 to 38 range. The vet cautioned me to treat her with great care to avoid any stress – as the mare could literally be in danger of fainting! I immediately put her on to your Liver and Blood Tonic, and she also received the standard Vit B12 treatment from the vet. This morning the vet again took blood in order to monitor her progress.  She rang me a few minutes ago and was absolutely incredulous (her own words) at the change in the blood count -- already 27!  As the mare has been treated no differently to any other horse with Billiary, apart from the herbs, I can only think that they must have played a large part in her remarkable turnaround ,in spite of her history of liver problems!!
Thank you very much indeed! - Ann Smith, Oct 2007, WP

Customised Blends:

Aviso is looking superb. He's made it through a tough winter still covered in dapples and everyone comments on his condition. I certainly have and will continue to recommend Honeyvale up here in Jhb as so far the results have been fantastic! – Shayne Treisman – Oct 2007, Gauteng

When I started riding my horse “Don’t Knock Nick” for my junior years, he came into our yard as a very uptight and nervous horse. It seemed almost impossible to work with him, as he was too anxious and stressed, and his constant anxiety prevented him from putting on weight. We kept increasing his food, but it did not seem to help. Schooling was a nightmare as he struggled to concentrate. I started using Honeyvale Herbs, and within 8 weeks we could see a change in him. His coat became lustrous, his weight picked up and he became more content with his surrounds. We believe it is because of Honeyvale Herbs that Nick is now a pleasure to work with. – Tiffaine Bryant - WP


Custom Feeds uses natural unprocessed raw materials to manufacture their animal feeds. As today’s nutritional requirements evolve we aim to supplement our animals diets with a more organic wholesome approach to feeding. We encourage our clients to use Honeyvale Herbs in a bid to move away from genetically modified and chemical products, and rather supplement with Honeyvale’s excellent range of herbs. Clients return time after time to testify to the excellent results they see in their animals. – Claudine Foster, WP


Lucky Bean came to us 3 years ago, bony, saggy and out of work. As a relative newcomer to keeping horses, I liked the idea of giving him natural, safe, herbal supplements and he really did need a boost.  I've used Fenushine (that's where he gets his satin look from!) for his coat, linseed for it's oil and omega's, rosehips through winter and around vaccination time, and the hoof mix is great.  Lucky Bean was prone to thrush but since going barefoot (he had shoes for most of his life) and getting his 'pizza mix' (that's what we call his herbs) he has not had thrush again, and his hooves are as hard as nails in spite of galloping all over the Tokai forest.  For an old pony with a little rider he has had an impressive list of show succeses...just a few of which are:

2006 SA Supreme Champion Part Bred (Performance Award based on competition points awarded annually by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society )
2006 WP Show Hunter Champion
2006 Milnerton Compleat Horse (he won all of his sections)
2006 WP Showing Team
2007 WP Showing Team
2007 WP Showjumping Champs Victor Ludorum in Pony Rider's D
2007 WP Equitation Pony Rider's Intermediate Super League winner

Our Bean is going to be 18 in 2008 and has regularly been in the top 3 at Pony Rider's S.A. Champs, competing with ponies in their prime.  In the three years we have had him he has had the vet out once (!) for a spider bite.  I really do think the mix of plant ingredients that he gets from Honeyvale has made a huge difference to his health, his capacity for work, and the way he will spend his old age...healthy and fit! 

Jenny and Emma Kate Dickerson

Bean before  
Bean after
Bean after  
Bean after

Morning Jennie!

I'd thought you'd like to see some pics of my mare Tamarind at the gauteng horse of the year.
The beautiful metallic sheen and shine to her coat is thanks to Fenushine!
The last week or so I've also noticed her coat is becoming darker and richer looking.

It's also helped her pick up weight and she's probably the most 'bloomed' looking I've ever seen her!

She's been on Fenushine for 10 weeks now.

I just wish the product was more readily available in gauteng, or that we could buy it in bigger/refill quantities.

Thanx so much for an awesome product!


Hoof Grow Mix:

The farrier has been coming every 2 1/2 weeks since we first noticed and dealt with the seedy toe. After getting your email we put her on the Hoof Grow mix and the farrier was extremely happy with the rate of her growth after his visit last week and the seedy toe has nearly grown out - fortunately I think we caught it early enough. She is barefoot and her hooves have generally been in good condition, but with the extreme's in weather we have been experiencing since this winter, they haven't been in the condition they are usually in, but I am happy to say that I am starting to see a positive change.

Thanks again for all the help
Kind Regards




Enchantè has turned out a ravishing beauty – we are so lucky as we did not know what we would get, not knowing what sort of nutrition the mare had had we took a chance. She has a bit of both mother and father, but is essentially ‘herself’. Mom is probably a hackney cross originally from the Cape Flats and dad is a registered Vlaamperd. It is also thanks to Honeyvale Herbs and Jennie who has always been prepared to help and advise on the best herbal mix for mom and daughter – she is the picture of health.

Janet Burmeister

(continued below)

Hi Jennie

You may remember my rescued  pregnant mare I contacted you about, Olga . I have used garlic and apple cider vinegar all the way through and then on a three-week-on/few-days-off basis I have had her on devils claw, fenugreek, kelp and rose-hips. When the vet saw her for the first time baby was about 1 month old and she asked if Olga is a show pony she looked so good – sleek and shiny. Baby is now 6 months and 12hh and growing fast.  
We are so proud of them and I recommend you and Honeyvale herbs almost daily to horse and dog people.

As for the rest- I have a wide range of your products including calendula petals, comfrey, chamomile and yarrow and I use them all regularly for my dogs, horses and humans!

Many thanks and keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards
Janet Burmeister

Olga with newborn
Olga and Enchante 6 months later
Enchante all grown up
Olga with newborn
Olga and Enchante 6 months later
Enchante all grown up
Special Mix:

Hi Jennie,

I have finally taken the “after” pics and have attached both the before and after for you to see.  Addi is doing really well and picked up weight, his coat has improved dramatically, his breathing is more normal and best of all is that he has not had any allergic reactions for over 4 months!  He is much more relaxed and a pleasure to work with.  His feet have also improved and my farrier has noticed as well!  
My friend started using the Fenushine on her mare after she saw how well Addi is looking and within a few short weeks the mare looks great and her coat has taken on this fantastic metallic sheen (she’s chestnut).  We are all VERY impressed!

Lorna Findlay 

P.S. I took Addi too HOY(Horse of the Year)  and entered him in the Thb classes.  I was not expecting much as he’s not a show horse and this was really more for fun. He exceeded any expectations by miles!  He looked great (thanks to you!) and we came 3rd in the show hunter class and 2nd in the working riding class.  He behaved like a dream! I was beyond thrilled and so very pleased with him.   Anyway, I thought I’d send you some of the pics so that you can see how great he’s looking and just how well your herbs work on himJ


Addi before
Addi after



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